Supported by nearly everyone in the design community, Corporate Culture’s Project PK has now become bigger than Heidi Klum.

Project PK innovator Alex Baker comments on his idea and the concept's evolution.

“My background is fashion design and as an avid observer of popular culture was a big fan of the show Project Runway. At the time there was not the design spin off shows of today. So I evolved elements of the Project Runway format and created an event which was specific to our industry. I felt in the today's world a large proportion of design is done in CAD, this distances the designer from the raw matierals.

The majority of the furniture classics have resulted from taking the materials to the limits. The participants have to produce a scale model with an open brief from an array of materials. This takes them back to their roots of their student days, when there wasn't a client to effect the creative process. The designers now can fuse the enthusiasm of when they were a student and apply the knowledge and experience gained in the industry. Having a 75 minute time restraint on the process adds to the intensity of the teams creative bubble.

We are very fortunate to have the Godfathers of design at Corporate Culture with the likes of Hans J Wegner and Poul Kjaerholm and what better mentors to inspire Australian design. I recently attended Project PK Melbourne with the special guest Frederick Moller the VP in our region for Fritz Hansen the event was an eye opener and seeing the passion and work produced at the event exposes the talents of our designers to global brands.

Stay tuned for Project PK going International.”

Move over Michael Kors…

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  1. our combined team of Ferguson Design Studio and Futurespace took part in Project PK and we loved it! it was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other even better and as a director of the business it really emphasized for me the individual participants' strengths and skills. we are really appreciative of cc hosting these sort of events and contributing such great ideas to the design community. bring on Project KS (Kasper Salto!)